Diabetes and NHS care

I feel so strongly bout this. This was a wee exchange between a good m8 and I just now:

His post:

They haven’t a clue what it is like watching a diabetic deal with this condition…planning meals, calculating insulin doses for the day, weighing your food, several injections each day, frequent blood testing to prevent hypo/hyper……

I would like to highlight the government removing the subsidy for blood test strips. Diabetics need VERY frequent blood testing 5+ times a day. The cost of strips is £70.00 outcome reduced blood glucose testing and more hospital admissions from hyper or hypo glycemic Diabetes . . . I am asking if everyone could put this as their status for 1 hour. I’m pretty sure I know the ones that will. Think of someone you know or love who has or has had diabetes. My hope is that in 2017 a cure will be found. Will you post it for 1 hour? To honor those who have fought or are fighting diabetes.😁

Hope to see it as your

status. Copy and paste,

My reply:

M8 I feel ur pain and concern but the NHS are so overstretched they are only providing acute services-I’ve seen it in dental practice since 1996 and the picture is only gonna get worse. What happens is the Drs are trained to senior consultant level in the NHS and then jump ship to the Private sector. Now realistically if u r a dr and can earn shed loads more money in private practice vast majority would. What government should be doing is saying right it’s taken u x years to get to Consultant standard in the NHS YOU HAVE TO SPEND y years in the NHS. At the minute it’s too easy to jump ship. I can’t see a rosy picture for the NHS as it is run by less able bodied people shall we say!!!!!
Please share and air your views



4 thoughts on “Diabetes and NHS care

  1. davebarclay1954

    I hate to say it, Belfastfoodman but you are absolutely right. The NHS can’t cope with the stretching but that should be addressed first before cutting back on essentials for those with manageable but terminal illnesses. I say those who jump ship before giving back the grants they were given to train (I’m not talking monetary repayments but time repayments) should be asked to repay every grant and subsidy they were given. Until we can keep consultants within the NHS the service will suffer.

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  2. NavT

    I agree with your comments with regards to senior consultants jumping ship. My suggestion would be that prior to starting their training they should be made to sign a contract tying them to the NHS for x number of years.

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  3. bbqman001

    Interesting post but as someone who has Type 2 Diabetes I can tell you, according to my doctor, that unless you have severe Diabetes… example you are about to have something cut off, you don’t need to sugar test five times a day……. usually twice a day for two to three days a week is sufficient.
    I also understand the cost and it can suck especially if you don’t have medical coverage.

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