WOW kids birthday party

I attentended my daughters class mates 5th birthday party at World of Wonder (WOW) this morning.

WOW opened before Christmas and was the idea of the owners of the Loughshore Hotel

It’s a big indoor soft play area which has four private party rooms and different packages for parties as well as single use entry fees. It can accommodate upto 200 kids and adults with ample seating and eating facilities. It’s also in a prime location. 

After the kids played the cake was cut and the kids were ready for cocktail sausages, fresh chicken nuggets, chips, sandwiches, pizza and crisps, with water and juice to wash it down. I would have liked to have seen some fruit and carrot sticks also. 

That being said both kids and adults were well satisfied-it would be great if there was something like this for adults only!!!!