#EnjoyNI16 New Year Banquet

Last night my Plus one and I attended an amazing New Year Banquet at The Ulster Museum

It was in recognition of the hard work by all involved in the NI Year of Food and Drink 2016. The evening kicked off in the ground floor of the museum with a drinks and canapé reception before a speech or two.

We then made our way to the “heavens” to truly have our taste sensations challenged and satiated. The main course was the beef shin which was the NI alternative Signature dish which was recently introduced at St Georges Market. As we do not eat beef we had the same dish but with a nut cutlet and it was amazing!!

The starters, tastes, presentations and quantities were absolutely perfect and really was an amazing reflection on what we can do in NI. Thanks to Stephen from Yellow Door for a fantastic banquet.

The venue was totally awesome and the “craic” was fabulous. Great meeting up with old mates and new. Pity about the lighting-too purple!!!!! Can’t wait for the awards ceremony!!

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