Fantastic Friday Fishy Fayre

I went to Olivers for lunch yesterday and must say i chose the seafood which was cooked superbly. As well as having great ambience and service the staff were very attentive.

For starter I had the prawn risotto. Deceptively looking as was served in a big plate, but succulent juicy and plenty of prawns in a citrus risotto. Absolutely amazing.

For main course I was recommended to have the smoked cod on a bed of scallops, mussels, prawns, chorizo and potato all cooked in a lovey jus. The cod was lightly smoked and flaky and great touches having the scallop and chorizo to balance earth with sea. As a side I had 5 crispy onion rings. Again portion sizes were perfect and service immaculate. I hadn’t any room for dessert or tea/coffee as I worked my way through a 750ml bottle of sparkling water.

There is seating outside with a covered canopy-I just hope that the bus lane outside doesn’t become 7am to 7pm!!! It’s a restaurant definitely worth trying out and both kitchen staff, front of house and owner are all passionate about what they do!!

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