The people v Muhammad 

Guys just finished reading this. Obviously wanted to learn more about Islamic Food and what’s Halal and what’s not. The book is a real eye opener!!!!!

Thoughts please to

Thanx in advance

4 thoughts on “The people v Muhammad 


    This book is not about food, however the cover indicates that this could also be an analysis of the Old Testament. One major difference is however the commandment: You should not drink alcohol. But if you for instance visit a Bahrain hotel bar, you will meet a lot of Saudis just going there for an excessive weekend while alcohol is available at Bahrain. For this reason there a lot of traffic accidents on the bridge leading from Bahrain to Saudi-Arabia on Fridays and Saturdays.

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        It is mentioned “you should not …” like it is the fact with the Christian 10 commandments. You should not do this and that, but it is clear that people do it. It is one of the few more practical commandment for the Saudi-Arabian peninsula (Mohammeds’ homeland) because drinking alcohol with outer temperatures of 46° Celsius is really no good idea. Every European doctor would confirm this 100 %. Other religions from Asia have similar commandments regarding alcohol. But not everybody likes to live as a monk. That is also a matter of fact.

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