My pre cricket nets brekkie

Had an amazing, nutritious yet delicious and simple #breakfast before my #cricket #netsession. I had two rounds of #wholemeal toast with a touch of #butter, with 3 medium boiled #eggs with salt, pepper and #mustard!!! It was yummy.

Quick #tip I always used boiling water and add to saucepan as the eggs cook better and shell peels off easier, so it takes 4 mins for soft boiled, 5-6 for medium and 7-8 for hard boiled.

Amazing takeaway 

My wife brought me back an amazing #Punjabi #takeaway from #Bradford!!! Courtesy of Apna Khana. They catered at our wedding and all our family functions in Bradford. Their food has stayed exceptionally good and authentic. Hard to find genuine true North Indian fayre.

I had Indian style noodles, seekh kebab, nan, chicken karahi and a spring roll…..delicious.