Italian cookery demo/ meal

My wife and I were really fortunate to attend an Italian cookery school/demo and meal on Tuesday evening past at Daniels at Tweedies.

It was an intimate evening, the restaurant was closed so it was just 14 of us lucky folk to be given a masterclass in Italian food- mainly pasta and dessert. Daniel and his assistant started with Panacotta-he used cow gelatine (so we couldn’t have any as we don’t eat beef), but it looked and tasted amazing Ibwas told!!

Then Daniel demonstrated how easy it was to made fresh pasta, which has a working time of 10 mins and cooking time of 3 minutes. He made beef cheek ravioli but I had pork in mine and my wife went for the mushroom pasta.

Then Daniel showed us two ways of making carbonara- the traditional and the Norn Irish way. Traditionally the pasta (tagliatelle) was cooked for 3-4 minutes in boiling salted water before draining and adding some olive oil, two egg yolks per person and Parmesan to the cooked bacon/Lardon pieces. The Norn Irish way is just add cream to the bacon, reduce then add pasta. Obviously the traditional one tasted best!!!!

Our whole meal was amazing and Daniel added a chocolate parfait then a creme brûlée for the dessert and camomile tea to finish. It was a great evening, met some lovely people, staff were great and food delicious!!! Definitely worth finding.

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