Daddy daughter date at Tony Roma’s 

My 4 year old and I popped in to Tony Roma’s for a bite to eat and had an amazing lunch. She wanted chicken bites with chips and milk, I had scampi and salmon piccata served with garlic potato cubes and mushrooms. To wash it down I had water. 
The service was first class and staff very friendly-remembering us from last time we were in!! My little one was chatting to everyone and she even cleaned a table!!!! There are several menus to avail from and different promos on different nights.

The food came out promptly and portion sizes were big-we just managed to finish the meal and drinks…….and then there was dessert, well we had that packed and will share with my wife and other daughter!!!! 

The chicken was cooked well and skinny fries with skins, served with Bbq sauce (my daughter wanted ketchup!!). My salmon and shrimp was meaty, juicy and full of caper, cheese and lemon flavour. Just right amount of garlic in the spuds and mushrooms were great. Excellent as usual. All for £30 which I had vouchers for, thanx to all the staff!!!

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