Himalayan Rock Salt

The award winning Mountain Salts have a myriad of uses and health benefits. They are naturally occurring salts which contain a whole host of minerals and nutrients for the health and well being of man and beast. They are mined, produced, packed and shipped from the Nepalese Himalayas to Northern Ireland. They can be purchased from Joanne’s stand at Castlecourt in Belfast.

They can be used in cooking as natural salt, to cook on and to chop on. Being salt they are naturally anti bacterial. Animals in their natural habitats would lick the salt when they require a salt boost and would know when to stop. Hence they can be used on farms for livestock. The salt can also be built into salt walls to dry age meat.

The salts can be made into lamps and the filament bulbs heat the salt and release negative ions which have a whole range of health properties as outlined above. They basically work by countering positive ions in the atmosphere.

The salts are also excellent in the bath and are very good for the skin. I would thoroughly recommend them for cooking, health (externally and internally), lamps and pets.