3 Great new products from Balmoral Show

My wife brought me three new and interesting products to try from this years Balmoral Show

The first was a pack of 6 seasoning blends called the Tower of Power from The GymChef. These are an assortment of blended spices and/or herbs that can be used as rubs, marinades or equally can be mixed with yoghurt, mayonaise or creme freche for delicious healthy dips.

The second item was a Himalayan Rock Salt cooking slab/chopping board. 

These are sold by Mountain Salts and can be found for purchase in CastleCourt Belfast. The health benefits are fantastic (see above link) and I will use mine more for chopping as the salt has a natural anti microbial action and can flavour food.

Lastly on my list are two packs of sausages. These have a high meat content (75%) of chicken and of turkey and are very lean. These are manufacturered by FitFodder and available online. 

These will be great for the health conscious among us and I will cook them up and see how they taste…..mouths watering already!! 

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