Chicken masala

I want to share with you a fantastic, quick and useful recipe for Chicken Masala. For the chicken I used six rotisserie thigh pieces from Tesco, which I skinned and deboned (only because my wife doesnt like skin and my two daughters find on the bone meat too messy!!). To these pieces I added a tablespoon of chopped fresh fenugreek and one of coriander.
For the masala I heated a tablespoon of ghee to which I added my spices of 1 teaspoon turmeric, 2 of garam masala, 1 of cumin seeds and 1 of salt. Then I added a diced onion and 2 teaspoon of ginger/garlic paste. This was cooked for a few minutes then I added one diced tomato and 1 tablespoon of tomato purée. This was simmered with a small glass of water and reduced. 

The chicken was then introduced and simmered for 5 minutes. The seasoning was checked and when perfect will be served with parathas and my healthy chick pea and mushroom brown rice pilau-oh and of course my chilli achar!!! 

This is a super way of using remnants of a roast chicken, for example and is quick, cheap and easy to make. 

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Healthy packed lunch for my girls

My two girls (8 and 5) have packed lunches at school. It’s a challenge to try and be inventive whilst giving them wholesome, nutritious food. 

My two love fruit and veg so I vary what they get. Today they have kiwi, orange and apple for break and carrot and cucumber for lunch with cheese and ham in brown bread.

For drinks they get water. It’s a challenge as other kids get juice, chocolates, biscuits etc and I’m always reasoning with them-but the message is getting through!!!!

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Institute of Hospitality Party

My wife and I attended a private Institute of Hospitality Party at The Roof Top in The Ivory. 

On arrival we were greeted to a Prosecco reception (we had apple juice) before mingling and having wonderful snacks consisting of Mediterranean chicken and vegetable skewers, succulent fish in a crispy batter and goats cheese tartlets. The food was absolutely fantastic and I believe the beef sliders weren’t bad either!! 

The party was a celebration for everyone involved in making the dinner on 5th May, in The Titanic, a huge success. Outgoing Chair, Michael Cafolla, thanked the sponsors, the winners and Michelle McTernan, as one of his last duties before the baton is passed to Marianne Hood. Marianne best wishes for next week and your year ahead-you really have big shoes to fill!!!

There was a never ending supply of Jawbox gin on offer and this helped to oil everyone’s cogs. The Ivory Roof Top is a splendid place to have a party both big or small. The outdoor balcony offered up some nice views and we were blessed there was no rain!! The staff were perfect in every way and very professional. All in all a superb evening.

‘On Top of the World’ at India Gate

My two daughters and I attended a wonderful talk on Nepal yesterday at India Gate in Belfast.

The event was put together by the Irish Nepali Association in conjunction with the Nepalese Tourist Board. There were lots of local Nepalese as well as Northern Irish in attendance. 

We arrived just as the representative from the Board was telling us about why one should visit Nepal-from it’s wonderful people, to the food and yoga, to the breathtaking scenery of the Himalayas including, of course, the home of the 8850m Mt Everest – The Top Of The World.

It was also extremely humbling and amazing to hear Dr Nigel Hart, our very own Northern Irish, Everest conqueror, give a talk about his scaling Everest. It’s fantastic to think that our wee NI has produced someone who has climbed Everest. Dr Hart relayed his experiences and shared some fantastic insights and pictures and has published a paper on the physiological effects of altitude on the body. In recognition of these feats he was duly recognised and made an Honorary Ambassador by the Nepalese Tourist Board.

After the formal proceedings we were treated to a truly wonderful Nepalese/Indian buffet lunch consisting of onion bhaji, chicken, rice, vegetable salad and daal. The food was excellent and provided by India Gate. This was a superb venue for this excellent and well attended presentation and it has certainly made me want to visit Nepal-perhaps the Base Camp will be my destination…..

Big bad boy SLABS crisps

These big bad boys that are SLABS Crisps are absolutely fantastic. They are 4 times thicker than the average crisp. They are cooked in olive oil so are healthier. The packaging is striking with bold lettering and a big, clear window so the Crisps can be seen in their entirety. The bags are also inflated to act as cushioning for the Crisps so that they are not all smashed up!! 
There are two sizes a 40g and 80g bags and four delicious flavours (colour coded bags) being:

Red- sea salt

Blue- salt and malt vinegar

Orange- sweet red chilli

Green- mature cheddar & onion

My wife, two daughters and I tried them all and loved them. My favourite was the sea salt flavour (I had them with my fresh chilli Achar). My wife’s favourite was the sweet chilli, my 8 year old daughter loved the mature cheddar & onion and the 5 yr old loved the salt and malt vinegar. Which one will you like?