Big bad boy SLABS crisps

These big bad boys that are SLABS Crisps are absolutely fantastic. They are 4 times thicker than the average crisp. They are cooked in olive oil so are healthier. The packaging is striking with bold lettering and a big, clear window so the Crisps can be seen in their entirety. The bags are also inflated to act as cushioning for the Crisps so that they are not all smashed up!! 
There are two sizes a 40g and 80g bags and four delicious flavours (colour coded bags) being:

Red- sea salt

Blue- salt and malt vinegar

Orange- sweet red chilli

Green- mature cheddar & onion

My wife, two daughters and I tried them all and loved them. My favourite was the sea salt flavour (I had them with my fresh chilli Achar). My wife’s favourite was the sweet chilli, my 8 year old daughter loved the mature cheddar & onion and the 5 yr old loved the salt and malt vinegar. Which one will you like?

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