‘On Top of the World’ at India Gate

My two daughters and I attended a wonderful talk on Nepal yesterday at India Gate in Belfast.

The event was put together by the Irish Nepali Association in conjunction with the Nepalese Tourist Board. There were lots of local Nepalese as well as Northern Irish in attendance. 

We arrived just as the representative from the Board was telling us about why one should visit Nepal-from it’s wonderful people, to the food and yoga, to the breathtaking scenery of the Himalayas including, of course, the home of the 8850m Mt Everest – The Top Of The World.

It was also extremely humbling and amazing to hear Dr Nigel Hart, our very own Northern Irish, Everest conqueror, give a talk about his scaling Everest. It’s fantastic to think that our wee NI has produced someone who has climbed Everest. Dr Hart relayed his experiences and shared some fantastic insights and pictures and has published a paper on the physiological effects of altitude on the body. In recognition of these feats he was duly recognised and made an Honorary Ambassador by the Nepalese Tourist Board.

After the formal proceedings we were treated to a truly wonderful Nepalese/Indian buffet lunch consisting of onion bhaji, chicken, rice, vegetable salad and daal. The food was excellent and provided by India Gate. This was a superb venue for this excellent and well attended presentation and it has certainly made me want to visit Nepal-perhaps the Base Camp will be my destination…..

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