Institute of Hospitality Party

My wife and I attended a private Institute of Hospitality Party at The Roof Top in The Ivory. 

On arrival we were greeted to a Prosecco reception (we had apple juice) before mingling and having wonderful snacks consisting of Mediterranean chicken and vegetable skewers, succulent fish in a crispy batter and goats cheese tartlets. The food was absolutely fantastic and I believe the beef sliders weren’t bad either!! 

The party was a celebration for everyone involved in making the dinner on 5th May, in The Titanic, a huge success. Outgoing Chair, Michael Cafolla, thanked the sponsors, the winners and Michelle McTernan, as one of his last duties before the baton is passed to Marianne Hood. Marianne best wishes for next week and your year ahead-you really have big shoes to fill!!!

There was a never ending supply of Jawbox gin on offer and this helped to oil everyone’s cogs. The Ivory Roof Top is a splendid place to have a party both big or small. The outdoor balcony offered up some nice views and we were blessed there was no rain!! The staff were perfect in every way and very professional. All in all a superb evening.

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