Dalriada Festival 2017

Attended the 2017 Dalriada Festival at Glenarm Castle today and had an absolute blast!!

The grounds of the castle came alive with music, song, dance, military displays,the best local food and drinks including a demo from Paula McIntyre and live demos from the Super Valu guys to Cossack horsemanship and guest appearance by Peppa Pig!!! 

Glenarm is home to the finest Glenarm Salmon and many local food and drinks producers showed their produce.

The weather didn’t deter the masses who turned up in their droves- it was rather akin to a warm spring day rather than mid summer heat!!! The forecast is much better tomorrow. The performers kept the throngs entertained with music, song and dance. Credit to the groundsmen who kept the place very well in particular the phenomenal walled garden.

The Craft Village was nicely busy with lots of great gifts and innovative foods (loved the Rolld ice cream).

Also on hand was the International Henna Artist Binder who was doing some amazing henna designs on the lucky folk who got it!!

There’s plenty to see, do, feel, eat and drink!! So make sure you get down to the festival!!

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