Revolucion de Cuba hits Belfast!!

The Revolucion de Cuba has arrived in Belfast with a bang!!!! This is number 15 in the UK and the first on the island of Ireland. Revolucion de Cuba first started out around 2011 so is relatively new but is right up there with its compatriots!!!

It's home is in the premises previously occupied by Cafe Vaudeville and let me tell you it is totally different!!

It's very relaxed, bright and has a definite holiday/relaxed feeling about it. It's been dubbed as the Cuban Cocktail Rum Bar and Tapas Restaurant. I was excited to sample the non alcoholic cocktails and the tapas and a main course with my youngest daughter!!

The menu is as authentic as one would get in Cuba/ a Latin American country. All ingredients (meat/veg) are sourced locally and freshly made not from frozen.

David the General Manager (and long time friend) explained to me the ethos behind the concept and his meticulous selection process (which included many phone/Skype and personal interviews). He was explaining that the idea was to have a relaxed entertainment experience which includes drinks, food and dancing.

The drinks include alcoholic and non alcoholic cocktails, 60 different rums and a fully stocked bar. There are also cocktail master classes.

The food has a very relaxed dining feel to it and the kitchen is called the Cantina. The main attraction is the freshly made Tapas, large plates, burgers, burritos and sandwiches along with sides and of course tacos.

Before our lunch we were treated to moctails of lavender lemonade (daughter) and Shy Mai Tai (me). Both were tasty and refreshing and went well with the complimentary nachos.

We shared a selection of Tapas being: Pork belly skewers, roasted chorizo, honey and lime chicken skewers, mojito prawns and skinny fries. They were all delicious-you have to try them!! The rum sauce adds a sweetish kick to the Tapas.

We then shared a Cuban BBQ glazed chicken served with skinny fries (ours had manchego cheese-yum) chargrilled corn and a salad garnish. The chicken was succulent and the glaze and spices were superb. The corn exhibited a lovely charred taste and the manchego fries were a rather good twist on cheesy chips!! Now I normally don't like food served on a wooden platter but this actually worked very well as it's a relaxed, holiday like setting. Top marks for the food and service. My daughter polished off her ice cream.

The entertainment will include music 7 days a week with a DJ (stage at front) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with live music (band on Mezzanine floor) to closing. The hours are 11.30-22.00 Monday through Saturday for food and slightly later opening on Sunday. There will be music until closing at 1am (12 Sunday). There is a happy hour from 5-7 Monday through Friday which is 241 cocktails and on Sunday it's all day 241 cocktails. The restaurant can seat 134 diners and the venue has capacity for 800 persons. This is the hottest place in town and on Friday 28th the Official Launch party kicks off at 5pm. If you have a ticket you can get a free Daiquiri from the fountain-I've got my ticket!!! All 1000 tickets were snapped up in two days!! Belfast welcomes Revolucion de Cuba!!!

3 thoughts on “Revolucion de Cuba hits Belfast!!

  1. koolkosherkitchen

    I am glad you enjoyed the experience, but tacos and burritos are Mexican, not Cuban. Now, if they serve Arroz con Pollo, Paella, Sopa con Frijoles Negros, etc. – that’s Cuban. Mojito is authentic Cuban as well. Do they make Guarapo juice (sugar cane)? Your daughter might enjoy it – most kids do.

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