Reflections of the Sunflower festival

The 2017 festival is over and my family and we are home, all cleaned up and washes on and in our warm beds. Time to reflect on the day.

It was a long day, started wet and finished wet and had some violent thunderstorms and then hot, dry weather, then thorms and that was the order of the day….but it did not deter the hard core festival goers. This was our first really muddy festival and it was a really long day especially for my 9 and 5 year old girls-who remarkably had the stamina and lasted the whole day. There was plenty for them to see and do (kids zone, cinema, food, stalls and bands).

For the adults there was plenty to see, do, eat, listen to, drink and partaking in holistic therapies. It was wet/hot/muddy and this added to the fun,well you have to have fun. The food offerings I really enjoyed were:

1. Streetdogs Hot Dogs and dirty chips!!
2. Donut coned ice cream
3. The cheese bread

Also was lucky to try some real tender BBQ pulled pork. There were many good things and a few tweaks will make next years even better. Block out 27-29th July for #sunflowerfest18

Day 3 Sunflower Festival 2017

All roads leading to Tubby's Farm for last day of @SunflowerFest what you gonna see, what you gonna do and what u gonna listen too?!?! Remember bring ur tickets/wristbands wellies and have lots of fun!!! #SFF17 lots of great food in offer like Streetdogs Boojum Belfast Wolf & Devour Tapitas #crepes #festival #music #fundayout