Fabulous Fresh Filling Brekkie at The Loft

I treated my two girls to breakfast at The Loft. This was the first day that the new breakfast menu went live.

The breakfast dishes were all cooked from fresh (no frozen products), were very generous in portion size, very well priced so offering great value for money and were cooked to order and delivered very promptly!!

I chose the Loft Signature fry, my two girls shared pancakes and omelette. The omelette was a juicy 4 egg omelette filled with cheese and mushroom accompanied by a tomato salad and toast (I wanted the salad as I had grilled tomato with the fry). The two fluffy pancakes were served with maple syrup and my girls wanted sausages. It was garnished with strawberry and mint. Both these dishes went down a treat!!

The signature fry had soda bread, potato bread, two sausages and bacon and a slice of black pudding, fried egg and tomato, beans and mushroom. The individual components were cooked perfectly and piping hot.

Overall a great breakfast and definitely worth a visit.

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