My delivery of Desi Gourmet Meal Kits!!!

I picked up an unmarked parcel from the post office and was very curious as to the contents. I was so wanting to see what was inside that I opened it in the car and was so excited to receive 4 Desi Gourmet Meal Kits (along with 3 recipe cards) from the lovely guys at Desi Gourmet.

The colours of the packaging were very vibrant and the logo striking. The pictures showed the four dishes to mouth watering levels and acted as aesthetic serving suggestions. The four dishes were North Indian dishes being Bhuna, Lamb Rogan Josh, Chicken Baburchi and Chicken Saag.

The packs all contain four sachets of sautéed onion, garlic paste, ginger paste and the respective spices. All one has to do is get the meat , vegetable or paneer and anything else mentioned and follow the instructions!!

The great thing about these Kits are that there is no added sugar, preservatives, colours, gluten or MSG!!! The contents are freshly prepared in India before being sealed, packaged and available in the UK!!

I’m so looking forward to preparing them…..anyone for dinner?!?!?!

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