Desi Gourmet Chicken Bhuna

Last night I prepared the wonderful classic North Indian dish Chicken Bhuna from Desi Gourmet. This was the second of the four Desi Meal Kits I was sent.

I also prepared ‘aloo paratha’ which is two round flat whole meal chapatis stuffed with spiced potatoes, sealed and cooked on a flattish hot plate or ‘tawa’ (top left).

The cooking and preparation time was approximately 20 minutes for the Bhuna. I heated the oil and added the sachet of sautéed onion, then ginger and garlic pastes, then chopped tomatoes, water and spice mix and lastly 2 diced chicken breasts, before simmering for 15 minutes.

Picture below shows all ingredients added and after simmering. Note the colours and all this without the addition of sugar, colouring, preservatives or msg!!

I served this with my paratha, sliced red onions and chilli infused yoghurt… was really delicious!!

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