Novel nutty snack

I was thrilled to find a wee parcel on my return from work yesterday. It was from Dolce la Dolce   and it contained four packs of True North snacks , two of Cashew Crunch and two of Almond Pecan Crunch.

My wife and I were so tempted that we opened one of each and tried them. They both tasted divine and weren’t too sweet. They were very moorish and we finished both packs!! We both liked the two different flavours very much but my wife liked the Cashew slightly more

whilst I favoured the Almond Pecan!!

There was a sweet taste to them but this was countered by the slight saltiness. They really were quite addictive!!

These snacks really were fantastic but care must be taken as they can be finished in one go!! They contain 0g Trans Fat, have no cholesterol, artificial colours or preservatives, are non GMO and non Dairy and are suitable for Vegans.

The snacks can be purchased at here at Amazon and one can follow them on Instagram and Facebook as below:

1.Instagram: a. #dolceladolce_uk;


2.Facebook: a. Dolce la Dolce

b. TrueNorth Snacks UK

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