A Royal Tandoori Special

As it was my father in laws last night of his holiday I decided to push the boat out and make a very special dish which I first tasted in 1998 in a very special family run restaurant in Old Delhi. The dish was a Tandoori Raan. It’s basically a leg of goat which is marinated for 24 hours and slow roasted in a Tandoor. I have to admit I used a 1.4kg shoulder of Northern Irish ☘️ lamb, which I marinated (for 24hrs) in my secret blend of Tandoori masala with a twist!!!

I cooked it, wrapped loosely in foil, at 200oC for 2.5 hours. I turned once and basted.

Then I carved the meat and completed the cooking.

I served it up with soft fluffy nan, yoghurt, my homemade chilli achaar, salad and my fathers legendary egg purji.

My father in law said it was the best lamb he’s tasted, he even wants it at Christmas!!! My two daughters loved it as well. This is a dish which is served at grand feasts of the Maharajahs and Nizams in their Royal Dining Halls…Truly fit for Royalty!