My Eat Real Snacks

I recently received a selection of new, healthy and different snacks from Eat Real and was so excited to try them!!

So on Saturday afternoon my wife, 9 and 5 year old daughters and I sat down and tried them all. Firstly they are an alternative to Crisps and most are suitable for gluten free and all are vegan. The packaging was very strong-had a tussle to Open!! It was very clear what ingredients were in it and what market it was suitable for-a big strong point.

The first one we tried was the sea salt lentil chips:

These were crispy and nice but we all felt rather plain. These were gluten free.

Next up was the hummus chips flavoured with sour cream:

Now these were our favourites, crispy and full of flavour!! Again gluten free.

Then came the quinoa chips flavoured with sun dried tomatoes:

Tasty and full of flavour-had an aftertaste though. Not for gluten free.

Lastly was the veggie straws:

Great concept and presentation but lacked in flavour.

All in all we enjoyed, from best down: hummus chips, lentil chips, quinoa chips then veggie straws.

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