Gordon Ramsay Plane Food

Whilst waiting for our night flight we decided to dine in the restaurant. Decor looked great as did the menu……but beware the small print,because both my wife and I missed it, more later!! Again this was on BA for making us miss our original flights.

A reason we chose Ramsay Plane Food was that kids eat free if adults order mains. Before we were seated the kids received two Tilly’s Treat boxes to play with. We asked for water and this was duly delivered. Before we ordered we received two warm complimentary bread rolls and butter. Then my wife ordered the rigatoni and I the butter chicken and two sausage spaghetti kids meals. We ordered a side of mac cheese.

The kids meals came out in rapid time and looked bland and indeed tasted so. The spaghetti was cool and too al dente!!

This was the same with the rigatoni when it was served, which the waitress said would be creamy, but wasn’t. The Mac cheese,being a side dish, we expected it with our mains, but it was served before our mains!!! It was piping hot and delicious to be fair. My butter chicken was actually very tasty and pretty authentic!! So Gordon you got the bread, butter chicken and mac cheese spot on.

When we ordered the bill it came after some time and we were surprised to see cover charge of £3 and optional service charge of £4.50. We did query this and our waitress said it was for the bread and was written on the menu. When we checked the menu we discovered that it wasn’t for bread but a £1.50/head for using dining room!!!!! The ‘optional service charge’ printed on bill of £4.50 equates to a discretionary 12.5% on the menu. Now this is not very fair or clear and I would urge the management to clarify this and change policy. When the £3 was removed we still paid the service charge. This did make the whole experience very average!!

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