Dinner sausages mash and noodles

I was very fortunate to get some pork sausages from Kennedy Bacon at The Good Food Show this weekend.

Decided to cook up some bangers and mash with veggie noodles as my kids love this.

I boiled my spuds and mashed with mustard, milk and butter whilst the sausages (10 in 400g pack) we’re cooking on low heat in my frying pan. I cooked up the noodles with sprouts at the same time. To serve I added some chicken gravy and dinner was served!!

The sausages were exceptional, cooked well, retained shape and form and were meaty and little fat exuded!! Kennedy Bacon sure know how to make sausages!!

Quick lunch using Brady Family pork and Maggi noodles

At the Belfast BBC Good Food Show I was very fortunate to taste lots of great local foods. I managed to pick up some traditional shredded ham (110g) from Brady Family Farm. So today I decided to cook up a quick lunch using the ham and Maggi noodles

After adding the contents of the noodles packs (sauce, vegetable and oil), I added a pack of the shredded ham. Them popped in microwave for 3 minutes. Then mixed and further 1 minute and hey presto!!

Give them a go!!!