Desi Food On The Go

There are so many different ways of ordering food to go from the traditional high street takeaway and delivery outlets, to restaurants, Independant shops and supermarkets. Whilst these are excellent in their own niches a gap in the market existed for authentic South Asian or Desi food. Enter a mother and son partnership in South East Belfast called Desi Food On The Go.

The concept is simple. One visits the Facebook page @Desifoodonthego and chooses what to order then calls +44 7912 885123 to place order and it’s delivered!!

The USP here is that these dishes are tailored for the Asian market especially those that have come here to work, study or live and miss real home cooked fayre or can’t cook won’t cook!! However all are very welcome to try.

All ingredients are fresh, meat arrives fresh on the Friday and is prepared and cooked on Saturday and Sunday and personally delivered on the Sunday. Larger orders during the week and parties can also be catered for.

I was really lucky to have been invited to see and meet the team and to try the food. The mother and son are a young and dynamic duo and are very well prepared. The kitchen has passed a stringent assessment by Environmental Health and rates highly on Scores On The Doors. All best practice procedures are adhered to.

Onto the sampling!! I was presented with delicious starters of lamb samosa, chicken spring rolls, vegetable pakoras, aloo tikki and tasty mint sauce.

The starters looked fantastic, they had been heated as per instructions and were full of flavour and importantly crispy on the outside and hot on the inside. The spring rolls had shredded chicken, cabbage and peppers, the samosa had minced lamb and spicy potatoes and the vegetable pakoras were full of flavour. The mint sauce accompanied them well.

If starters were this good I knew the mains wouldn’t disappoint!!

As there were a number of dishes to savour I wisely chose to have small samples. First was chicken tikka masala and cumin pilau rice.

Now the chicken tikka masala is not a traditional Asian dish, this was more a butter chicken. The six large pieces of chicken tikka were in a spicy, thick, rich sauce and were devoid of artificial colour, sugar and oil-a perfect dish. The rice was fragrant and aromatic. Next sample was chicken biryani and chicken madras.

Again the biryani was aromatic and tasty, contained plump succulent chicken and was accompanied by the mint sauce. The madras was tasty and well flavoured and not overly chilli hot. Lastly I had kadhi (pronounced kari) pakora and roti.

Kadhi is basically a dish made with spices, onion and gram flour and varies in thickness from region to region. This was thick akin to Punjabi or North Indian/Pakistani style. The roti was thick yet soft and moist.

As I only sampled the food I got to take the rest home and share with my family. At home the next evening I heated the chicken biryani, chicken tikka masala and chicken madras in a microwaveable dish for 4 minutes and heated the starters in my halogen oven to ensure a crispy exterior.

This I shared with my two daughters (as above). The food was delicious and as tasty as if it were just cooked!! The starters were crispy and very tasty. Note they can be microwaved in their plastic dishes if one is in a rush.

The following day I had the kadhi pakora with rice and roti.

I microwaved the rice and kadhi in a microwaveable dish and the roti was wrapped in a tea cloth (to keep it moist).

The food looked, smelled and tasted amazing. No artificial colours, preservatives, excess oil or sugar added. All very natural and very tasty. It’s definitely worth ordering!!!!

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