Fresh salad from Willowbrook Foods

Willowbrook Foods is a local Northern Irish, well established (since 1968), Family run company which employs around 250 people. They produce a range of fresh and ready made salads and food for the Irish and UK markets. They supply local and national retailers and wholesalers as well as well known fast food outlets Viz clients.

Last week I received a lovely salad bowl with two fresh bags of salad leaves, dressing bottle, ingredients, menu cards and utensils.

With the glorious weather we have been having eating fresh standalone salads or as accompaniments with meals is ideal. So I tossed up the leafy salad leaves with 1 diced tomato and about 3 inches of cucumber again diced. I added the flat croutons and dressing and served up with roast pork and potato and red pepper dauphinois. My two daughters, wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it!!

The leaves were crispy (I rinsed and dried them first) and large so I just tore them up before adding the croutons and tomato and cucumber. The dressing was a very tasty balsamic based dressing which was not too runny and served chilled. This really brought the salad to life. Croutons gave the salad a wonderful crunchy texture.

The second salad I made was with the aromatic leaves, regular cubed croutons, wasabi flavoured nuts and raisins and the dressing. I served this with quinoa and shrimp and again we all enjoyed.

As can be seen the salad spoon and fork and bowl really do the salad proud!!! So definitely try out the range from Willowbrook Foods.