Food Showcase at the Strand Hotel

The venue was the City View Suite on the 6th floor at The Limerick Strand Hôtel, the event was a food and drink showcase from the counties of Limerick, Clare and Tipperary and it was hosted by the Irish Quality and Food Awards.

I had a chance to try some amazing local produce. I had some lovely pork products and really enjoyed the black and white pudding from Lisduff Foods.

Next I tried some relishes from The Scullery. They were delicious and the cucumber relish was so refreshing.

Rigneys Farm was next on my list and I got to try home made granola bars. The owner runs the Bed and Breakfast and makes her own sausages!!

Parmesan cheese is a real favourite of mine but I don’t like the smell!!!! Enter Sean from Cratloe Hills Cheese. Sean makes sheeps cheese which is either mild or mature (14 months). It’s a hard cheese and as good as Parmesan-with no smell!!!! A real winner.

Meeres Pork products also had a stand and supplied pork for the canapés (later). John from JJS Craft Brewers supplied a range of drinks.

Functional foods and high energy bars are becoming very popular and were on display today. Near to Nature had functional bars in three flavours: hemp, turmeric and cocoa. Tried all three and found them full of flavour and chewy-need a cuppa with it. Hemp is topical right now and is related to cannabis But does not have psychoactive properties.

The other stand showcasing high energy bars was Tullybracky Foods. They had a great range of tasty bars.

Rapeseed oil is all the rage and Emerald Oils has a superb range of Rapeseed products including hummus and pesto made with the oil.

During the course of the evening we were spoilt with some delicious canapés. The producers provided the ingredients and head chef Tom Flavin put together some wonderful canapés.

This rounded off an excellent event showcasing some glorious produce from South West Ireland. This has put this region firmly on the Food Map of Ireland!! Big thanks to Helen from Metropolis for the kind invite, had a great time and met some super people!!

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