My Chinese homecooked “Takeaway styled” meal

I was entertaining my wee sister during the week and her food instruction was to cook me something Chinese…..

Got my chefs hat on and came up with chicken chow mein, satay sauce, king prawn rice and honey chilli chicken.

The prep time was about 60 minutes and cooking time 20. Cost of ingredients less than £10, enough to feed 5 adults and NO deep fried food so a lot healthier than take away food. Verdict was that it was better than a take away!!!

Above was how meal was served and a doggy bag for another sister!!

Culture Merge Summer Festival 18

Hi guys, come check out this fun indoor/ part outdoor summer festival tomorrow.

Come and get henna, festival make up/glitter by world reknowned Henna Artist Binder, taste some delicious authentic Indian chai from Chai Bar NI, try the chilli and burger competition. Dance from 3pm Saturday til 1am Sunday to Dj’s from around the globe and local talent, have a dip in the hot tub and have a few cocktails!!!! Promises to be fab!!

Get your party gear on and see you all tomorrow!!

My BBQ tips

We have been very spoilt with the weather lately and that means bbq season!

I wanted to share a few tips…. firstly a bbq has to be charcoal fired. I’ve used Gas with lava rocks etc and all sorts of other permutations and combinations and have to admit that the traditional charcoal IS the best!!!!

I know that lighting the said bbq can prove challenging so I advise using good quality charcoal, an accelerant such as non odour blocks or liquid and the trick here is wood chips (preferably flavoured). If this doesn’t light properly use the lighting tower (viz picture). This is easy to use. Place paper in base, invert, add charcoal and light base. It takes 10 mins to light, then place in bottom of bbq.

To prevent burning/ over cooking your food add a layer of thick foil. This will allow dissipation of heat and cook the food evenly by indirect heat.

So I’ve shared a few tips….happy bbq’ ing!!!!!!!

Indian Food at Ambrosia- the new offering

We dined here around 5.30pm this (Sunday) evening. Ambrosia has recently added Indian cuisine to its offering and my wife and I were keen to try it. The kids wanted Italian but were keen on trying the Indian food.

We didn’t order any starters and had water with our food. My two girls wanted pepperoni pizza and penne Carbonara. My memory of the Italian food served here was a good one and I knew portion sizes were generous.

I chose Butter chicken and pilau rice, my wife went for the king prawn karahi and garlic nan and my little one insisted on chips also.

The food duly arrived and as expected portion sizes were very generous and presentation excellent. The kids loved the Pizza and Carbonara and I must admit this is one of the better Carbonaras I have eaten.

Chef Jainal is at the helm of the Indian kitchen with over 15 years in the hot seat. He is Bangladeshi by origin and this comes through in his style. His butter chicken is a good attempt at this traditional Punjabi dish with the right amount of buttery creaminess and spice.

The king prawn karahi was superbly presented on a hot plate and the prawn were big and meaty and cooked to perfection. The rich, thick, spicy sauce was finger licking good!! The nan was puffy and garlicky. Overall the Indian dishes are definitely worth trying out. The four of us were very impressed.

Friday Fish Fayre

I want to share a couple of fish dishes I recently made. Friday is traditionally a fish dish day, hence my blog.

The first dish (top two pics below) is my smoked haddock with boiled ordinary and sweet potatoes, roasted fennel, pan fried caramelised onion, green beans and broccoli with gravy. The saltiness and smokiness of the haddock was offset by the sweetness of the sweet potatoes and caramelised onions, whilst the vegetables and gravy complimented the dish well. A very healthy and balanced meal-my two girls loved it!!

My second dish (above bottom two pics) was 3 types of salmon with baby corn, broccoli, fat oven chips and gravy. The fish being salmon and I cooked this three ways; first was salmon tikka, second was salmon with lemon and third was salmon skin crackling. The fat chips I blanched then finished in halogen oven and veg was boiled and water used to make gravy. Again Delicious and nutritious!!