Friday Fish Fayre

I want to share a couple of fish dishes I recently made. Friday is traditionally a fish dish day, hence my blog.

The first dish (top two pics below) is my smoked haddock with boiled ordinary and sweet potatoes, roasted fennel, pan fried caramelised onion, green beans and broccoli with gravy. The saltiness and smokiness of the haddock was offset by the sweetness of the sweet potatoes and caramelised onions, whilst the vegetables and gravy complimented the dish well. A very healthy and balanced meal-my two girls loved it!!

My second dish (above bottom two pics) was 3 types of salmon with baby corn, broccoli, fat oven chips and gravy. The fish being salmon and I cooked this three ways; first was salmon tikka, second was salmon with lemon and third was salmon skin crackling. The fat chips I blanched then finished in halogen oven and veg was boiled and water used to make gravy. Again Delicious and nutritious!!