Indian Food at Ambrosia- the new offering

We dined here around 5.30pm this (Sunday) evening. Ambrosia has recently added Indian cuisine to its offering and my wife and I were keen to try it. The kids wanted Italian but were keen on trying the Indian food.

We didn’t order any starters and had water with our food. My two girls wanted pepperoni pizza and penne Carbonara. My memory of the Italian food served here was a good one and I knew portion sizes were generous.

I chose Butter chicken and pilau rice, my wife went for the king prawn karahi and garlic nan and my little one insisted on chips also.

The food duly arrived and as expected portion sizes were very generous and presentation excellent. The kids loved the Pizza and Carbonara and I must admit this is one of the better Carbonaras I have eaten.

Chef Jainal is at the helm of the Indian kitchen with over 15 years in the hot seat. He is Bangladeshi by origin and this comes through in his style. His butter chicken is a good attempt at this traditional Punjabi dish with the right amount of buttery creaminess and spice.

The king prawn karahi was superbly presented on a hot plate and the prawn were big and meaty and cooked to perfection. The rich, thick, spicy sauce was finger licking good!! The nan was puffy and garlicky. Overall the Indian dishes are definitely worth trying out. The four of us were very impressed.

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