My BBQ tips

We have been very spoilt with the weather lately and that means bbq season!

I wanted to share a few tips…. firstly a bbq has to be charcoal fired. I’ve used Gas with lava rocks etc and all sorts of other permutations and combinations and have to admit that the traditional charcoal IS the best!!!!

I know that lighting the said bbq can prove challenging so I advise using good quality charcoal, an accelerant such as non odour blocks or liquid and the trick here is wood chips (preferably flavoured). If this doesn’t light properly use the lighting tower (viz picture). This is easy to use. Place paper in base, invert, add charcoal and light base. It takes 10 mins to light, then place in bottom of bbq.

To prevent burning/ over cooking your food add a layer of thick foil. This will allow dissipation of heat and cook the food evenly by indirect heat.

So I’ve shared a few tips….happy bbq’ ing!!!!!!!

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