Planet Fun Belfast

Europe’s Largest portable theme park has well and truly landed at S13 on the Boucher Road (formerly the B&Q).

This years Planet Fun runs from Friday 7th September until Sunday 23rd September.

Today we (my wife, two daughters, one of their friends, my sister and her kids and other friends and kids!!!!) tried out all and I mean ALL the rides!!!

From adrenaline fuelled dare devil rides to the traditional and classic ones, we tested them out. My 6 year old handled them well, but my wife was too shy to try!!

Check out the views from the rides in motion below!!

These were all outdoor and indoor there were loads more. Again some real adrenaline junkie rides, kiddies rides and bouncy castle also good old dodgems or “bumper cars”.

There were also stalls where prizes could be won and food stalls although it’s really not advisable to eat and then ride….for obvious reasons!! The best value would have to be buying wristbands which enable unlimited rides, but pay as you ride also available!!! There’s plenty for all the family to see and do!! So make a bee line for Planet Fun.

Special thanks to Michelle for organising our visit!!

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