Winterfell Festival (Game of Thrones)

I visited this fantastic Winterfell Festival at Castle Ward. My 10 and 6 year old daughters accompanied me….and they kept on asking me what is the festival about and what could they do. It’s bit tricky enthusing about Game Of Thrones to young kids!!!

As soon as we arrived we were met by birds of prey (which were fantastic and kids loved) and different medieval weapons, period characters and locally produced honey!!

We then toured the fabulous House and saw some superb architecture and decor.

After a thoroughly enjoyable tour we left the house and had pics taken replicating the Stark Family picture, visited the GOT shop, saw some strange musicians and watched some hair braiding.

The next few stalls demonstrated lost or rare arts such as weaving out of willow, blacksmiths, arrow and bow maker, candle makers-girls made S candle each and old musical instruments-by the way did you know the Harp came from Wales!!

For me, a fan of GOT, the next bit was my pinnacle!! The first series of GOT was filmed predominantly here (80%). Westeros and Winterfell are based here and our guide for the White Walker Trail duly obliged and told us all about the filming of the first series, buildings used, scenes they represented and use of CGI.

On our tour we bumped into a White Walker!! Then it was back to the village and a visit to the tower.

The whole estate was transformed into a trail with quaint wooden signs.

We had built up quite an appetite so we tried the venison casserole by The Cuan which was delicious!! My girls had freshly made chicken goujons and chips and sausage and chips from The Hatch and then I had the Hog Roast Bap from Forthill Farm. For me this was the best hog roast I’ve had. I was amazed to learn that the fat is healthy and that it contains high levels of good fat ie Onega 3 oils!!!

Suffice to say we had an amazing day, walked lots, learned loads and ate well. A big thanks to Alicia for arranging!!

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