Delicious Doherty’s sausages and white pudding

I was at the #TescoTasteNI festival yesterday and visited the Doherty’s stand. I got to try the sausages and must say they were delicious.

I got a pack of the new Doherty’s Pork sausages (old Irish recipe,454g) and a white pudding (200g).

My two daughters are white pudding converts and so I made a brunch of sausages, white pudding, mushroom and scrambled egg. Suffice to say this was duly gobbled down!!! We had to leave two sausages for my wife (she wanted sausage sandwiches!!).

The sausages and white pudding cooked perfectly in a little drop of Rapeseed oil and slowly!!

These Doherty products are available in all Tesco NI stores.