Chocoholics delight!!

This is for all you chocoholics out there!!! Yesterday lunch time, my 10 and 7 year old girls, several other excited chocolate loving adults and children arrived at Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory in East Belfast. Aunt Sandra’s will be having live demos at Friends’ Goodwill Music Festival 2019 which will be held in Larne on 11th and 12th May (check links for details).

All we were told was to not have eaten any lunch and to have lots of fun. Aunt Sandra’s is a family run business now into its fourth generation (Michael). The original shop was opened in the 1940’s by Willie. Aunt Sandra joined in 1953 and handed it over to Jim and David in 1989. Michael took over this year.

The store is synonymous with all things sweet, chocolate and the famous Yellow Man, which The Hairy Bikers came for!!

Veruca Salt from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory has also been a visitor and she presented some excellent paraphernalia which is on display.

Onto the show and chocolate fun. Uncle Jim was our host and was full of (jelly) beans!! He presented his show with great enthusiasm and had us all participating. He went through the history of the store and made us pay attention as there was to be a quiz at the end!!!

Our first task was to make a chocolate bar in the shape of a ginger bread man and decorated with sweets being mini mallows, jelly beans, smarties and milk chocolate buttons. Suffice to say the kids and a good few adults were busily scoffing!!

We then made a chocolate pizza, again decorated as above and with addition of honey comb dust!! To finish off we had marshmallows dipped in warm, melted milk chocolate…..

By now the kids and adults were starting to feel the effects of the sweets and chocolate!!! Jim gave us our quiz and presented us with big red dummies for the kids and lollipops for us!! The best bit was that we got to take our chocolate marvels home to eat!!!

Also available are Wonka bars and bags/boxes of honeycomb and Yellow Man.

You can also take part in the story telling and the chocolate making experience by booking your party at Aunt Sandra’s, ranging from £8-12 per person up to maximum of 25 persons. This is a great place for kids parties (finger food is included depending on which party you book).

Pay them a visit for a cuppa, a snack, some sweeties or the parties, and check out the Friends’ Goodwill Music Festival 2019 .

Thanks to Michelle and Uncle Jim for the magic!!!

Game of Thrones – The Touring Exhibition

Game Of Thrones fever is certainly here, what with the final season 8 airing on Sunday 14th in the US and Monday 15th here and the Game of Thrones- The Touring Exhibition opening tomorrow (11th April) at the TEC .

I was honoured to be invited to the Press Conference/ Q&A and to have a look at the Exhibition- believe you me it was well worth it!!

At the press conference was Mr Jeff Peters from HBO, Robin from GES who built the Exhibition, Michelle Clapton who was head of Costumes along with three stars being Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth), Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran Stark) and our own Ian Beattie (Meryn Trant).

They all talked about their time filming GOT, the hospitality of the locals, the beauty of the scenery and sights of Northern Ireland, the professionalism of the crew, other cast and supporting cast. Indeed they were all sad to have finished filming GOT.

Then after a bit of mingling and coffee and pastries it was our turn to enter the Exhibition…..

Once we stepped into the Exhibition we were met with banners and props and a short synopsis of GOT story on screen.

Then there was a map of Westeros and family trees….

As a fan this was mind blowing to see props up close and personal

but even more so to actually get to see the original costumes, which Michelle and her team made to measure, in all their splendour and glory. The amount of time, effort and detail was phenomenal!!

There were two Belfast specific GOT displays which are debuting so I’m not going to cover these as I don’t want to spoil the surprise!!!

For those who want some interaction there are five places were one can interact namely: the Hall of Faces, holding the sword, swinging the sword, climbing the Wall and of course a picture on the Iron Throne!!

The tour lasts about 60 minutes and is definitely worth the £15 entry especially if one is a fan!!! We all got a nice wee goody bag containing a map of GOT locations and an Official Guide Book…..Now can’t wait for season 8………


19th Belfast Film Festival

It all kicks off on the 11th April…..The 19th Belfast Film Festival and it’s bigger and better than ever. Again the official drinks partner is Birra Moretti.

I was chuffed to bits when I received a wonderful basket of fine Italian Fayre, including a four pack of Birra Moretti bottles, last week!!

In this basket of delights were: a bag of crostini, bag of spaghetti, jars of red peppers, red pesto, black tapenade, preserved lemons, bottle of balsamic vinegar, bottle of extra virgin olive oil, Ferrero Rocher chocs and of course the Birra Moretti!!

My good lady will be treated to a fine Italian meal at the weekend!!

The festival opener is the world premiere of the movie A Bump Along the Way at the Dublin Road Moviehouse at 7pm on the 11th April….Alas I cant make that but I’m looking forward to An evening with Aamir Khan on the 16th. The festival closes on the 20th.

I would like to thank Aiken Promotions and United Wines.