Chinese Steamboat in Belfast

This place is class!! It’s speciality is the hot pot/bbq. This was the first time for my two buddies, I’m a seasoned veteran!!

It all starts off with the soup base. I had hot, my two buds had tomato and satay. This is served in a metal bowl which is heated on a hot plate in front of you at the table and can get very hot and can spit out!! Then a selection of sliced beef and lamb is presented. The meat can either be cooked in the soup and then place into the directly heated,inverted bbq in the middle of the table or vice verse. This really is how all the meat and veg is cooked.

We then went up to the cold/raw food section and carefully picked from a variety of meat (pork, beef, chicken-including chicken feet), fish (squid, prawn, white fish and balls to game a few), vegetables (mainly Chinese) then sauces and spices. The sauces and spices acted as marinades or dipping.

Then it was literally sit back, dunk the food into the soup and then the bbq or vice versa and let the evening go by. Very reasonably priced at £16.88 per person.

A word of warning don’t go there in your Sunday best, as there’s lots of smoke and your clothes will smell. Don’t go there if you are really really starving and want to eat lots, quickly as you can only eat what you cook and also the service is ok and can be a bit of a problem with lingo.

Otherwise a gr8 spot and experience!!

The Steamboat can be found on the Donegal Pass in Belfast. Tel 028 9023 0862.