Indulge in Indulgence for a special cause

I get to meet some wonderful and special people on my travels and today I met a lovely mother and daughter. Meet Natasha and Annie aka Indulgence.

Natasha and her daughter Annie were sampling some luscious sweet delights at my local Tesco in Glengormley. I happened to try the caramel square and was blown away. The best caramel I’ve ever tasted-it was rich, creamy and sumptuous!!! I got chatting to Natasha,who is from Ballyclare and she was telling me that this endeavour was a non profit one which was to help Cameron’s Haven.

Their son is 17 now and has some challenges and has greatly benefited by his time at the respite cottage, as have other benefactors.

This is a wonderful, local, family run, not for profit social enterprise which I would thoroughly commend and definitely ask all my readers to support as they sell amazing home baked products and support a very worthwhile cause. Indulgence offers custom made, luxurious home baked cakes, buns, tray bakes for weddings, special occasions, corporate, gifts or just for ones self to indulge in!! Please visit Indulgence here.

I’m very much looking forward to sharing the variety box with my family and friends and to spread the word about the fabulous venture that is Indulgence!!

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