VIP night @ Tony Macaroni

Last night 150 extra special folk were wined and dined at the newly opened Italian restaurant that is Tony Macaroni at Victoria Square, Belfast.

It occupies the prime spot out of all the restaurants in Vic Square, the iconic glass corner tower ( ex Chiquito). Tony Macaroni is a large Scottish (Glasgow) chain of “Real Italian Food” run by Sep Marini. This is the second one in Northern Ireland (after Bangor).

I brought my daughter as my plus one, a welcome distraction from AQE preparations!! She was so thrilled and excited as it was a surprise for her. The interior has all been totally refurbished with the main features being the bar and the open kitchen.

On arrival we were very warmly met and seated by the Manageress. There was Prosecco on arrival but I opted for the sparkling water and Fanta for my daughter.

The menu was very extensive, with lots of mouth watering, Italian named dishes and my daughter immediately spotted the calamari whilst I opted for the Gamberoni (prawns).

After a few minutes our dishes arrived and looked incredible. They were big portions!! The squid was juicy and perfectly cooked and the garlic mayo and sweet chilli sauce accompanied them well, whilst the prawns were subtly flavoured with lemon, garlic and white wine and served with sticky rice. It didn’t take us long to finish!!

Spaghetti carbonara is a firm favourite for my two daughters and for me I love calzone, so I ordered the Americana and my daughter insisted on chips (I tried to dissuade her as I suspected the portions would be large).

When the dishes arrived I was certainly right about the big portion sizes!!

The carbonara was excellent (my daughters honest opinion!!) and I must say did taste excellent!! The chips were big fat fellows. My calzone was a bit plump round the edges but bursting with filling- the sausage, bacon and ham bursting out along with the tomato, cheese and onion and was tremendous! Alas bellies beat our eyes and we had to stop and leave room for desert!! We asked for the rest to be packed (so no 2 daughter wouldn’t feel left out!!).

For sweets my daughter chose the white chocolate sundae whilst I was recommended the toffee tablet cheesecake. When they arrived my daughters eyes lit up!! She immediately went to work, like a busy beaver, deconstructing it, peeling back the layers of cone, mint, cream, raspberries, vanilla and strawberry ice cream until the treasure of white chocolate was unearthed at the bottom.

Meanwhile my toffee tablet cheesecake, topped with raspberries and blackberries and served with a pot of cream was equally indulgent. “Tablet” I hear you say, it’s not medicinal but is what our Scots friends call butterscotch fudge. There were nice chunks on and in the creamy toffee cheesecake. The biscuit base was quite thin and the addition of the pot of cream was maybe too much!!

This was all washed down with a cappuccino and hot chocolate.

Well we could hardly move after all that!! The food was excellent and service was slick. We were given a nice gift bag containing a glass and bottle of Prosecco (for the wife of course!!) as well as the remains of the spaghetti and pizza (for no 2 daughter).

I shall definitely be back with the rest of the family as there are a few dishes I want to try and I love the Presto menu for £5.95 (£6.95 on Sunday) and the breakfasts and the “Go Jimmy style” of having pizza/pasta half/half, a great way to share.

I would like to kindly thank the staff and team at Tony Macaroni for the kind invite and would like to wish them all the best.

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