Christmas in Belfast Part 3

Castle Court Belfast was rocking with Britain’s Got Talent yesterday!!! There were lots of very excited and talented performers, eagerly waiting for their big chance……we were in town to see Santa though!!!

The Christmas decorations were up and lit up and the tall Christmas Tree had pride of place inside the main entrance….it really did feel like Christmas. There were plenty of places to have pics taken and to get into the festive spirit.

Santa was quite busy but I still managed to have a word and he was saying that kids should get their letters written and in to him to ensure they get their pressies on Christmas Day. Also if you meet him at the Grotto, as well as your photos (booklet, snow box or pendants), you can get a gift too!!!

Santa was also telling me that he knows who has been naughty and who has been nice!!!

The grotto can be found right beside the food court on the first floor….mmmmm I’m hungry, what will I eat….check out my next blog!

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