New Japanese outlet, Mitsuru, in CastleCourt, Belfast

After visiting Santa at CastleCourt Belfast we were rather hungry so decided to try the new Japanese outlet called Mitsuru.

This is the brainchild of Andy and his partner. Andy has rich restaurant heritage and his family have interests in Red Panda, Sakura, Obento and Sun Kee, to name but a few well established Oriental restaurants in Belfast!! Andy hails from Hong Kong and arrived in NI when he was 18 and has now spent more time in NI than Hong Kong!!

The genre of authentic Japanese food has really taken off in Belfast, with several new restaurants (4 I believe) opening in Belfast in 2019 alone!!

Andy has spent a princely sum converting the unit in the food court and it looks fantastic. There is a range of Japanese food on the menu and Andy prepared a wonderful sushi platter and Bento box for the four of us.

The sushi was made with prawn, crab, fish, avocado and yellow pepper, which was presented exquisitely. The wasabi was strong and sweet and the pickled ginger was fresh and tarte. My daughters loved it and my wife and I were delighted, as sushi aficionados, we felt that this sushi was probably one of the best we have tasted!!

I think sushi is still quite novel in Belfast however the explosion in Japanese outlets indicates that it is now getting mainstream. Some people may still be squeamish about eating raw fish but sushi can be veggie and/or made with cooked fish. There is, of course, a lot more to Japanese food than sushi!!

Our bento box was again outstanding. A good, big portion with meat, rice, noodles and sauce.The noodles were soft and flavoured and the rice was fantastic. There was prawn tempura, chicken in wasabi coating, spring roll and gyoza. Sauce was curry sauce and we also had chicken teriyaki, both were beautifully flavoured and lovely.

The wasabi chicken and prawn tempura were our favourites but honestly the range of dishes was excellent. I would have liked to have had a bit more sauce but that was my only point of improvement!!

I really think that this is a superb addition to the food court and is definitely worth trying. Big thanks to Andy and the team and best wishes!!! What will you have??

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