Christmas in Belfast part 4

Christmas lighting at night in Belfast can be very extravagant to more subtle and everything in between!!

I took my 11 year old daughter out for a meal at Cosmo Restaurant in Victoria Square Shopping Centre, the review of which will be my next blog! This was a kind of AQE (school exams) treat!!!

“Vic Square” is a very well lit up and decorated centre. It boasts a wonderful and tall tree and really has gone to town on the lights and decorations!!

There are loads of trees and the grotto looks fabulous.

We then, after a rather big feed, took a stroll to the Christmas Market through the city centre. We both felt that the city centre could have been lit up and decorated a bit more!!

The City Hall and Market were very well lit up and had such a warm and Christmassy feel about it all. The craic was brilliant!!

Belfast, by day or by night, is great at Christmas time!! When will you see it?

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