Dinner at Cosmo Belfast

As a mid school exam (AQE) treat, I took my 11 year old, studious daughter out for dinner. She wanted to go to Cosmo Belfast in Victoria Square Shopping Centre Belfast.

Victoria Square is a high end shopping and leisure hub. It has many well known chain restaurants and fantastic shops. It is always decked out well at Christmas and has a wonderful grotto!!

Cosmo is a family favourite of ours. My two daughters love it as there is pizza, pasta, chips, sausages on offer. My eldest loves the aforementioned but is now experimenting with more exotic food and loves sushi, dim sum and barbecue!! She also tried my starters!

The range of starters and quality was excellent however there could have been more dim sum.

There were lots of dishes to choose from and different nationalities were well represented ie Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Barbecue and traditional to name but a few.

We managed to get through quite a lot between the two of us!!

The dishes were replenished regularly however the Indian section was not. We didn’t eat Indian as we get that at home all the time!!

The other section my daughter loved was the sweet section…..she really went to town here!!

Personally I’m more of a savoury liker but the panacotta and angel delight were very nostalgic!!

The staff were super attentive and I loved the live Teppanyaki station.

My recommendations would be the dim sum, sushi, teriyaki, Mongolian lamb, crispy chilli prawns and surprisingly the traditional Christmas turkey and ham dinner!!

Needless to say we needed a long walk afterwards to aid the digestion!!!

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