Christmas in Belfast part 5

The iconic Coke Truck is in town and yesterday I took my two girls to see it at Custom House Square.

The Coke Truck has been in Belfast for a few years now and was at the Odyssey before, this is the first time at Custom House Square. It has become a family tradition to see it and get a picture!! It marks a pivotal moment in the Christmas Holiday season!!

We arrived at 1.10 pm,armed with packed lunch and were first in line, which really pleased the girls. My youngest daughter had a fab time entertaining he elves Jack and Michelle. When 2pm came, the gates opened and the girls ran to the first stop which was to receive a small can of Coke/ Diet Coke or Coke Zero. Next it was a picture on the sleigh before arriving at the entrance to the Coke Truck.

We got a couple of pics beside the truck, which are now displayed on the mantle place. Good job we were early as the queue very quickly built up. We were finished by 2.15!!

We then went to visit St George’s Market to soak up some more Christmas Spirit…… it was pretty full, lots of delicious smells, gift ideas, entertainment and usual market fayre.

We made a quick pit stop in the Christmas market, much to the joy of my girls who absolutely love the salami tasting!! There was definitely Christmas cheer on display here.

Our last stop was to pick up the car at Castle Court, which was also busy. All in all it took us about 3 hours and 6000 steps round trip!!!

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