How to overcome Writers Block.

It strikes everyone at some time in their writing careers. It can happen often for some whilst some may not suffer for long periods of time. I’m talking about the dreaded “Writers Block” and yes it has even afflicted yours truly!!

In my experience, there are many ways to mitigate this wee problem and I say wee as it really is a small issue but if left untreated will grow, so nip it in the bud! The first thing to do is to admit that it can and does happen and will affect ones writing life.

Secondly to avoid the block pick an exciting topic, one that you are passionate about and have some kind of expertise/experience with. An example would be like the piece I wrote in my blog about Chilli chicken pieces ( I love chillis and I wrote about the product, how I cooked it and what it tasted like. I could also talk about chilli heat and its measurement and could have gone into depth about the biochemistry and physiology but tailored my article appropriately.

The third way to prevent the Block would be to research the topic in detail. Read books, newspapers, other blogs, talk to people in the field you are researching in person or email or by phone. When all the information is gathered then sift through and summarise and put into a plan. Then start to pad it out.

The next way to reduce the Block is to have a dedicated time slot to write and a writing station. I like to do my writing on a Friday and I would usually do so in my living room whilst watching a movie. Others may like to do so with a glass of wine or in their study etc. Sometimes a change of scenery is required and I would often take myself off to a coffee shop or the library. Even on the job. 

In summary admit that a Block may happen, have a plan and stick to it, research it well and if there is a Block then try a different approach. Happy writing people!!