Tour of Belfast City Hall

I paid City Hall a visit yesterday and thought I’d share with you.

City Hall is the home of Belfast City Council. The council has 90 councillors who serve for 4 years. Each year a Lord Mayor is elected from Unionist or Nationalist on alternate years. This year the Lord Mayor is the Nationalist Daniel Barker. They meet at 6pm on the first Monday of each month in the chamber.

Prior to this they would “robe up” in the Robe Room.

Red robe for the councillors, Black and Gold for the Lord Mayor and Purple for the High Sheriff.

On entering City Hall there is a spacious hall with wonderfully crafted and ornate pillars and walls and a grand stair case. The flooring is marble and this forms the lower part of the Rotunda.

The Dome of the City Hall is 53m high and the chandelier has 100 bulbs and weighs 1.5 tonnes. City Hall was constructed between 1896 and 1906 and has a twin in Durban, S Africa.

In days gone by City Hall would have been used for gatherings, parties and functions. There are three rooms where functions are held. The Reception hall, Reception Room and Great Hall.

Reception Hall
Reception Room
Great Hall

Other notable features include the majestic stained glass windows:

Also of note is the painting depicting Chichester reading the Belfast Charter and a Black statue of one of his descendants. The Coat of Arms is also noteworthy.

There are usually exhibitions held throughout the year and also refreshments are available in the coffee shop. Definitely worth visiting and availing of the free tours.

Belfast City Hall

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