My tweeked 15’s, a classic N Irish traybake

This staying in has got me doing more sweet dish baking and making than I’ve ever done. First it was the Scottish Tiffin, then shortcake and now an enhanced Northern Irish classic, 15’s.

The name 15’s came from the number of ingredients and ultimately the number of the finished product. The original recipe ingredients or ratio used were as follows:

1. 15 digestive biscuits, crushed

2. 15 Marsh mallows, quartered

3. 15 glacé cherries, quartered

4. 200 ml condensed milk (sweet)

5. 100g desiccated coconut

My twist was that I used:

1. 400g or 1 packet digestives (28)

2. 400ml condensed milk

3. 45 mini marshmallows

4. 120g bar of Cadbury’s milk chocolate

For both recipes the digestives were crushed (I did this by using a rolling pin and literally breaking them up while still in packet). I crushed the chocolate as well, with rolling pin and in the packet. Then all the ingredients were put into a mixing bowl and mixed together before placing on a sheet of parchment paper (I used foil backed parchment paper) and moulded into a block. This was then placed in the fridge for four hours.

After four hours I removed from fridge, unwrapped the paper and cut up into 30 healthy sized chunks…..ready to eat and oh boy, they were amazing….come on over and share them before my girls and I devour them!!!!

I did cut 30 pieces, but we ate three last night!! In the original recipe the moulded block would have been rolled in the coconut before being chilled. The chocolate pieces really gave a richness to my recipe. Happy baking and stay safe.