Banoffee tray bake

My latest sweet endeavour is now ready to be shared….but quick, it’s rich, it’s sweet and it’s so indulgent!!

It’s straightforward to make, the ingredients are:

1. 400 g (pkt McVities Digestives)

2. 400g Nestle caramel tin

3. 250g unsalted butter

4. tbsp of golden syrup

5. 1 banana, sliced

6. 100 g bar of Milka white chocolate broken up

The method is very simple:

Melt the butter over low heat. Grind the digestives and add to the butter and mix. Add in the syrup and mix, then put into baking tray/dish and chill for 30 mins. Meanwhile slice the banana, break up the chocolate and wait. After 30 minutes take biscuit base out and spread the caramel evenly over. Decorate with banana and chocolate and pop back into fridge…..and wait…..patiently for an hour. Then slice and eat and try stopping!!