Sumptuous spicy summer salad

Here it is, my Tandoori Chicken summer salad.

I marinated 7 chicken thighs (overnight) in the fridge. For the marinade I used yoghurt, tandoori masala, lemon juice and a pinch of salt. Chicken drumsticks or breast can be used however the thigh has loads of flavour!!

I have to ask Santa for a Tandoor oven so I have to suffice with my Halogen oven /air fryer. I placed the thighs as above and placed in oven. I set it at 220oC for 30 minutes. I cooked for 20 minutes, then turned pieces over once and increased the time by 10 minutes.

Once cooked I shredded and added to my salad, which was made from grated carrot, diced cucumber, celery, lettuce, sweet corn and red pepper. I dressed with minty yoghurt. This fed four hungry mouths!!

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