Home grown spuds and dinner!!

Just over 4 months ago, on the 23rd April and well into lock down, I planted 7, well sprouted potatoes or ‘spuds’.

Today I got to pick them. I knew there would be some as the plants grew quite tall. I was pleasantly surprised when I carefully plucked the plants from the ground and pulled out potato after potato.

When I dug the rest of the soil I revealed more of varying sizes. I then readied the plot for the winter.

As can be seen I managed to get a good harvest!! The spuds scrubbed up well and felt heavy and had a lovely colour. There were a few which had nodules on them and I managed to get over a dozen seeds for next year!!

My two daughters were thrilled and had picked the dinner menu- ‘bangers and mash’. So I thought well this would be a nice meal before school starts tomorrow.

I had some pork sausages, which I cooked in the halogen and also made a tangy and spicy king prawn dish. My eldest daughter cut a salad. I peeled the spuds (about 10 small/medium sized ones) and was amazed at how hard and dense they were and how well they kept their colour. I then boiled the spuds, mashed them, added butter, spring onions and chives and now my mash had become ‘champ’

We polished off the food in quick time and we all agreed that the home grown potatoes were the stars of the dish!! I still have lots left so what will we have during the week?!?!

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